What is the molecular recycling process? What happens to urban solid waste at Ecoplanta?

The molecular recycling that is applied in Ecoplanta consists in recovering the long chain carbon molecules of the secondary raw material and are transformed into carbon molecules in the form of alcohol (circular methanol). It is stored and can be distributed as a raw material for the chemical industry, the most in demand worldwide.

The outcome of the process:

The secondary raw material used is transformed into circular methanol.

Minimizing the impact of waste

Using this innovative process, Ecoplanta will transform the secondary raw material from urban solid waste into circular methanol.
Thanks to molecular recycling, waste that would be directed to a landfill or was incinerated becomes secondary raw material, thereby minimizing the impact of waste from nearby municipalities.

Methanol is the most widely used commodity in the chemical industry. The plant in El Morell, Tarragona, will be the first circular methanol factory in Spain (until now, this alcohol came from imports).